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  • Chosen from 20 organisations across the country for the Five Country Study by WHO for the study of the Billing’s Ovulation Method of natural Family Planning
  • Founded two National Associations: Respect for Life and Life for the Girl Child with Light and Water
  • Received the “Nano Award” for Responsible Parent Work from Tata Motors
  • Government of India commissioned Crest for Study & Service of counseling of Smoking, Alcohol & Drug addiction
  • Karnataka Study for Fertility & Family Planning – IGSSS(Indo Global Social Service Society)
  • Conducted Washington Teen Star Study of Youth & Sexuality in two colleges
  • International Federation Right to Life & ICMR & CBCI Commission for Family
  • Represented the Vatican Council for Family
  • Received Sophia College Jubilee Alumni Award for Celebrating Life & the Rotary Awards for Community Service.  



  • The 8th Edition of the “Challenge to Develop your Resources” (Family Life and Value Education) –  India’s best guide for Counseling  (in English and Kannada) .   The book received the Eminent Author Award from XB Higher Education, India & the Asian Women’s Award, Houston Texas-  It is used in schools , colleges, teacher education & counseling
  • The book & Film “No License to Kill”(Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide & Mercy Killing) Introduced by Dr Veerappa Moily  “this monograph will fill a vital need to educate, enlighten & motivate every graduate & educator to use justice in all work & study”


  • These & other publications are available in both audio & video formats at CREST

Bio-Ethics-No License to Kill, Euthanasia

The Bio-Ethics cell that CREST set up in 2011 aims to create awareness about Euthanasia to medical and non-medical & other groups & lay people. The Core Committee working on this project, together with St. Johns College will form a Bio-Ethics Cell in hospitals, hopefully.

At the prior meetings & the ones that will follow, the main discussion is about the importance of making people aware of the reasons for Euthanasia, also called Mercy Killing. How do we get the public realize it.

Euthanasia is now being practiced for the wrong reasons such as for population control, sale of organs & property inheritance! Dignity is not restored by taking away life but giving them The Life – the desire to live, the stimulus to the brain to bring all the positive forces to strive to work.

The members of this committee are Elsie Rajan(Co-ordinator), Dr. Ravindran, Dr.Prem, Dr. Sr.Lillian, Sr. Marietta, Dr. Manorama Thomas, Drs. Ravi & Thelma Narayan, Fr. George  Panthanmackel, Fr.Lawrence & Ms. Madonna.

The film & book titled “No License to Kill” is a step taken to promote the goals shared by this cell.


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