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“Your life was not a whim of a careless creator, but a fact of his love.”

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At CREST we ensure the health, nourishment and enrichment of the Girl Child, physically, mentally and emotionally through Light(education) and water(High – Protein Drinks).

Even after 70 years of Independence we have a serious Gender Divide which weakens our Nation.

Why do you think the Girl-Child is still at risk?

The reason why the gender ratio is so skewed is that female infanticide and foeticide continue. There is no action taken against clinics doing Sex Determination. But this isn’t enough. On a large scale perception has to change – that the Girl Child is of no value beacuse she is going to leave home – Our battle is to fight on both fronts.

The CREST Inter-faith Project for the Education of Girl Children & their mothers, the latter in the Mahils belvanica Project, holds specical classes in Math, Music & Science for these unprivilaged children, many from the Government  schools. The mothers prepare a HIGH Protein Mix made out of different ingredients like wheat, rice, soya, ragi etc. with milk to give much needed Nutrition & Calories to the girls. The school fees, etc. are paid for.

Classes in Yoga & Bharathanatyam started for the girls. All of CREST’s attempts in reviving and propagationg the value of the Girl Child stems from the realisation that Terrorrism starts early in India. It starts in the womb & Cult of Violence grows.


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