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Research study conducted by CREST –

  • Chosen from 20 organisations across the country for the Five Country Study by WHO for the study of the Billing’s Ovulation Method of natural Family Planning
  • Government of India commissioned Crest for Study & Service of counseling of Smoking, Alcohol & Drug addiction
  • Karnataka Study for Fertility & Family Planning – IGSSS(Indo Global Social Service Society)
  • Conducted Washington Teen Star Study of Youth & Sexuality in two colleges
  • The Knowledge, Attitude & practice of Youth in the International Youth of the Year & their response to parents, friends, studies, sex and drugs.
  • ICMR research on Natural Family Planning ( which includes reviews on work in India)

World Organisation of Billing’s Ovulation Method-

Scientific Natural Family Planning

CREST was selected from 20 applications to conduct WHO’s Trial of the Scientific Method of Natural Family Planning by the brilliant scientists Dr. John Billings(neurologists) & Dr. Lynn Billings(pathologist), practising in Melbourne.

Dr. Mascarenhas was appointed Principal Investigator for India. Results of nearly 1000 couples showed the Method Effectiveness as 98.5% & User Effectiveness as 82%. This five-country World Wide Research Study revealed the couple friendly, healthy & non-invasive method.  It was largely used by Hindu couples for spacing & later as a permanent method.  Infertile couples used it for conceiving.

Research shows that when artificial contraceptives are used, health & marital problems are many, besides being expensive and women targeting. India gave to the world a remarkable research finding that Indian women are especially sensitive to the changes in her body. Dr. Mahadevan  a noted physician remarked “The women seems to have a fertility indicator in her body.”

Sister Rajan  a Nursing tutor said that this method is used by many infertile couples, instead of expensive medical procedures. It has helped them conceive. It is still not known to many doctors or they choose to ignore it.


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