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Women’s Empowerment


 “You and I can change the World, if We can change ourselves & believe that nothing is Impossible with God’s help”.

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Learn & Earn Project

CREST helps women from various backgrounds, some of whom have husbands who are unemployed, ill, alcoholic or for some reason unable to support the family, come to get trained & work together. These women are hard working and sincere.

CREST helps build their self-esteem, skill-level & confidence & soon enter the center’s Learn & Earn program. The group meets in two teams, one at CREST & one in the layout itself. However, they often come together & bond. This becomes a forum for women from various backgrounds & communities while they learn.

In some sessions other women who have learned the hard way & come up in life join in to share their experience & achievements in order to infuse confidence in the others.

The “Lotus” Alcohol Anonymous group which CREST started while working on the Government of India Counselling project for Smoking, Alcohol & Drug Prevention, in Pallotti compound continues. Unfortunately the number of women alcoholics including the young ones are increasing.


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